Under Milk Wood


Under Milk Wood

by Dylan Thomas

(adapted by Mick Greer)


May 17 & May 18 at 9.00 pm (21.00h)

Sunday matineé on May 19 at 4.00 pm (16.00h)




Welcome to the small town of Llareggub, lying in a valley under Milk Wood and populated by “harmless lunatics”, as Dylan Thomas (1914-1953) described them.

Arriving at night, “only your eyes are unclosed to see” the dreams of these people. After “the dawn inches up”, you’ll see them during their morning, “busy as bees”. However, quite soon “the sunny slow afternoon yawns through the dozy town” until, time passing, Llareggub becomes “the capital of dusk” and “the thin night darkens”. The people return to sleep, and their dreams. The cycle is complete.

So what’s it all about, then? Well, what’s any village, town or city about? It’s about the people who live there… and love. Love in all its different forms. Don’t bother looking for a plot, there isn’t one. There’s just a series of moments, impressions which come together to show that, in its own particular way, Llareggub is “head over bells in love”, and that ‘we’ Llareggub folk “are not wholly bad or good / Who live our lives under Milk Wood.”

It may or may not be relevant that ‘Llareggub’ is ‘bugger all’ backwards.


Readers: Andre Levy, David Personne, Jonathan Weightman, Mick Greer, Celia Williams, Paula Lobo Antunes, Valerie Braddell
Lights: Keith Esher Davis
Music: David Personne
Stage Management: Santina Polky

Adapted & Directed by Mick Greer
Asst. Director : Valerie Braddell

Venue: Rua da Estrela, 10, Lisbon

Showtimes: May 17 & May 18 at 9.00 pm (21.00h)

                   Sunday matineé on May 19 at 4.00 pm (16.00h)


Production postponed

We regret that the production of A Chorus of Disapproval has had to be postponed until later in the season due to illness, and are sorry to disappoint those of you who were looking forward to seeing it. We shall let you know new dates as soon as possible.

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