SAMOVAR TALES – A double bill

SAMOVAR TALES – A double bill

Opens 9th March

Samovar Tales

by Elettra Sacchi & Anton Chekhov

Directed by Elettra Sacchi and Tania Kumeda

The Bear
by Anton Chekhov

“In the course of his life HE has seen more women than she has seen sparrows. But SHE shall be faithful to the departed husband to the grave.”
A devastatingly desperate trio of hot-heads, trapped in the turbulence of their lives! An emotional exchange quickly progresses into a duel, where someone is about to get a bullet in their honest heart! Written in 1888, The Bear is a dynamic, provocative and passionate theatrical joke.

with Margarida Lancastre, Daniel Cotterall and Daniel Rooney
Directed by: Tania Kumeda

The Stone Flower
by Elettra Sacchi

“Where others see mud, Danushka, you see topaz and chalcedony!”
Based on the tale first published in The Malachite Casket by Pavel Bazhov, this new play tells the story of the coming of age of Danila, a young man of humble origins, enormous talent and a courageous heart. Along the way, he meets a talking wolf, a woman of magic… and his destiny.

with Álex Peracaula, Alexander Wiss, Beactriz Guerreiros, Freddie Douglas, Joana Cunha, Joyce Jones, Kieran Hennigan, Lisa Erkens, Maria João Gaspar, Mariana Cabral, Märten Jedehulth
Directed by: Elettra Sacchi
Design by: Alexandra Bochmann Franco
Original music by: Rob Clowes

For Samovar Tales:
Producer: Suresh Nampuri Lighting design: Filipe F Thomaz

9th – 25th March at Estrela Hall
Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 21.00 (9 pm)
Sunday Matinee on 12th March at 16.00 (4 pm)

To book, please go to Reservations and fill in the form. 


MEMBERS ONLY – Below is the information regarding our upcoming AGM, on Sunday 12th March at 11am. You must be a member to attend this meeting. Members may renew their subscription on the day of the meeting, but no new subscriptions can be requested.

Lisbon Players Theatre Association

The Lisbon Players AGM will take place on Sunday, March 12th 2017 at 11am at Estrela Hall, Rua da Estrela, 10, Lisboa. All paid-up members of the association are invited to attend and participate.

  1. Chairman’s welcome
  2. Election of the Board for the 2017 AGM
  3. Reading and approval of Minutes of the 2016 AGM
  4. Chairman’s Report on activities: 2016
  5. Treasurers Report on Accounts 2016
  6. Election of the Management Committee 2017/2018

Nominations for the 2017/2018 committee should be sent via e-mail to or by surface mail to Lisbon Players, Rua da Estrela, 10, 1200 LISBOA to arrive no later than 48 hours before the meeting.

  1. Election of Fiscal Commission 2017/2018
  2. Fixing of membership fees 2017/2018
  3. Any other business


Associação do Teatro Inglês The Lisbon Players

A Reunião Anual da Assembleia Geral da Associação do Teatro Inglês The Lisbon Players, é convocada para Domingo, dia 12 de Março 2017 às 11h00 na sua Sede, sita no Estrela Hall, Rua da Estrela, nº 10, em Lisboa. Todos os sócios com cotas em dia são convidados a participar.

Ordem de Trabalhos:

  1. Abertura da sessão
  2. Eleição da mesa da Assembleia Geral 2017.
  3. Leitura e aprovação da Acta da Reunião Anual da Assembleia Geral da Associação do ano de 2016.
  4. Relatório de Actividades do ano 2016.
  5. Relatório de Contas do ano 2016.
  6. Eleição da Direcção 2017/2018.

Nomeações para a direcção 2017/2018 serão aceites até 48 horas antes da reunião por e-mail para ou por escrita para Lisbon Players, Estrela Hall, 10 Rua da Estrela 1200 Lisboa

  1. Eleição do Conselho Fiscal 2017/2018.
  2. Fixação das Quotas Anuais dos Associados 2017/2018.
  3. Outros assuntos.

Auditions – John Gabriel Borkman

Continuing Auditions – John Gabriel Borkman

This is to announce the second of the audition series for the LP production of Henrik Ibsen’s ‘JOHN GABRIEL BORKMAN’, directed by Suresh Nampuri, premiering on April 20 and running through to May 4.

John Gabriel Borkman was Ibsen’s next to last play and showcases the playwright at his naturalistic best. Described by Edvard Munch as having captured the very essence of the desolation of the Scandinavian landscape and based on a series of real – life events in late nineteenth century, this play about a disgraced banker, accused of fraud and embezzlement, and the long shadow of corrupted greatness that his empty shell of a living presence casts upon his family and his loves is a poetic ode to the terrors of imprisonment by one’s memories of a future that might have been. In a two-act narrative that fleshes out the effects of his fall from grace on a chillingly broken wife, who has wrapped herself in icy resolve of redemption through the son, her sister Ella, who nourishes her tragic love for John by adopting his son, the existentially tremulous son himself who has always been viewed as the substitute for the father, John’s loyal friend who sticks to his delusions of being a poet and John through his downfall, his daughter whose tender loyalty to the son mirrors her father’s to John, and the most risible element in this glacial cauldron soup, Mrs. Fanny Wilton, a veritable Mrs. Robinson crossed with Lady Chatterlee whose jagged edges of sophistication conceals an incisive observation of human nature that just might be the redemption of them all.

Cast of characters 

John Gabriel Borkman – Male -Playing age (45+)

Gunhild Borkman- Female- Playing age- (40-45+)

Ella Rentheim – Female – Playing Age (30+)

Foldal – Male – Playing Age (40+)

Foldal’s daughter – Female – Playing Age (22+)

John Gabriel Borkman’s son – Male – Playing Age (22+)

Mrs. Fanny Wilton – Female – Playing Age (35+)

Note that the playing ages are only approximate and if you fancy a part or role, you are most welcome.

Contact Suresh Nampuri at to register for the audition,  with a CV or resume of past theatrical activities, and you will be informed of the audition details.


Thanks to all of you who supported our sold-out charity performance of The Mikado on December 18th. We are pleased and proud to announce that, from ticket sales and contributions, we were able to make a contribution of €994 to the Conselho Português para os Refugiados. This is of course a drop in the ocean in dealing with the thousands of dislocated lives globally but it will go towards supporting two centres in the Lisbon area, one for adult asylum-seekers and the other for unaccompanied minors.


Dear friends,

We stand poised on the brink of an historic opportunity for the Estrela Site to return to the ownership of the people of Lisbon.

The division of the Estrela Site in the land registry is now almost complete. This means that its current owners, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, can choose to offer the site to the Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, who then have a two week window to save Estrela hall by accepting the offer.

In the event that the CML do not accept this offer, the proposed sale of this land to a private buyer will go through, and we will be facing ‘Vacant Possession’ i.e. Lisbon Players, the oldest theatre group in Lisbon, and a source of joy and culture to you, the people of this city, for nearly 70 years, will be evicted from its home !!!

With your unstinting support and that of the CML, we are confident this will not be the case and we will continue to be open to serve you for the next 70 years!! Our future hangs on these decisions to be made!!

We will be keeping you posted here on any development as it happens. So keep checking. We need your support now more than ever to keep going!


we are continuing to do what we do best- to delight, entertain and provoke- all of which, judging by the popular response, the season opener at LP, ‘Cooking with Elvis’ , did with masterly aplomb and explosive sass. We intend to match this spectacular production with our forthcoming Portuguese premiere of the deliciously frolicsome labor of love , ‘The Mikado’, by Gilbert and Sullivan, opening 1st December. The new year at LP promises to be a bold one, with several audacious productions lined up and most importantly, the CELEBRATION OF OUR 70th ANNIVERSARY! Yes, time, that gleeful zephyr, does have a magnificently willful flight when it ripples through the limelight! Our first production opened on 29th March 1947!

Stay tuned for what we have in store for our birthday bash!! It has been quite a journey, and we are looking forward to enjoying our celebrations with the people who made it possible- YOU!

Yours, as ever,





Sunday September 11th at 3pm at Estrela Hall


Places are filling up fast for this workshop! If you’re interested, send an email to before Sunday 28th of August

After the great success of last year’s production of The Pirates of Penzance, the Lisbon Players will be putting on what is perhaps Gilbert & Sullivan’s best-known opera, The Mikado, in December 2016 and to give a taste of  what is in store will be running a workshop for actors, singers and dancers in which participants will be asked to join in a scene which will include a chorus number and a dance routine.

No previous experience is necessary and the workshop is open to all. However a reasonable level of English is obviously a requirement.

The workshop will be conducted by Jonathan Weightman,  Jon Luxton (music), Louise Kakoma (pianist and chorus work) and Keith Esher Davis (choreography)

The workshop is free but previous enrollment is necessary as there is a limit on numbers.


English-speaking Stage Manager (M/F) for the Lisbon Players’ December production of the comic opera The Mikado.

The right person for this challenging job will be someone with an interest in theatre, someone who’s good at managing people and works well with both the production team and the multinational actors/singers/musicians.

It will involve a couple of production meetings and presence at the rehearsals from the beginning of November (two evenings a week and one weekend afternoon). During the run – Thursday to Saturday, 1st to 17th of December, she/he will be required to be at the theatre from 7.30 pm until the final curtain.

The stage manager (director de cena/contra-regra) is responsible for the smooth running of the show, scene changes, prompting at rehearsals,  making sure everyone is in place on time and  taking notes and assisting the director at rehearsals

If you’ve had no experience of this kind of work but think you have the necessary skills and enthusiasm, this is a great opportunity to gain experience and confidence.

Interested? Contact Jonathan on or 964475745


The Lisbon Players is a voluntary organization and no-one is paid for their work

2016-2017 Season

season cover photo 16.17

2016 Timeline of Recent Events

To read more about recent events at Estrela Hall, click here to read our 2016 Timeline of Recent Events.

Our new 2016/17 committee and an update on Estrela Hall

Dear Members and supporters,

First of all, a huge thank you to all who came to the AGM on Sunday 20th March. Vital points were brought up, which the current committee is now committed to discuss and reflect upon.

The new structure for the 2016/17 committee is as follows:

Alexandra Bochmann (chairman)
Cassandra Woolford (treasurer)
Celia Williams
Colin Lee-Warden
Elizabeth Bochmann
Jonathan Weightman
Keith Davis
Nicki Bailey
Peter Dawson
Stephen Bull (secretary)
Suresh Nampuri

This year the committee has assigned representatives of 3 main areas of interest, who can be contacted by you, as and when applicable, for any queries, suggestions or proposals:

Artistic department
Celia Williams:

Operations department (day-to-day running)
Cassandra Woolford:

Estrela Hall Action department
Stephen Bull:

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you so require.  Of course, you can also contact us via  and via our facebook page

Our petition has been gaining huge support, but we need to keep on collecting signatures.  Please share the link with everyone you can think of.  To date we have 1,793 signatures – let’s get to 5,000 soon!

Here is the link again:

Recent press coverage includes the following link to the programme on TVi last Wednesday, an article in the Portugal News,, and another article in last week’s magazine Sábado.

We will update you soon with more information and news of our forthcoming production of Antigone, which opens on April 21st.

Onwards and upwards!