The new structure for the 2019/20 committee, elected at the AGM, is as follows:


Celia Williams
Colin Lee-Warden
David Personne
Jamie Darke
Paula Lobo Antunes
Peter Dawson
Stephen Bull
Suresh Nampuri
Tom Connell
Valerie Braddell
Vicky Shearn


Please do not hesitate to contact us. 




Although we did update members at the AGM of 2018, we have not posted any news about Estrela Hall on the website since the sale of the Estrela Site.

Given the slowness with which legal, planning, and political decision making often functions in Portugal, in concrete terms, the position remains largely unchanged.

The involvement of the Embassy is now a closed chapter in history. We continue to have cordial relations with them, and hope to maintain and develop our relations with the Embassy and British Council.

There have been further talks with the buyer of the site, we continue to listen to legal advice, and maintain ongoing contact with local government.

Some of these discussions have been discouraging, others encouraging, but no decisions regarding the future of the site have, as yet, been announced. As we prepare to report to members at our 2019 AGM we remain alert to any developments, however quickly or slowly they may unfold.

We are delighted to be able to say that, thanks to the enduring support and encouragement of our patrons, our artistic activities continue unabated, and in fact 2018-2019 is turning out to be one of our busiest and best received seasons ever.