While Nanny knits and tends to her hens and Marya engrosses herself in her radical pamphlets and the crusty old prof Srebrakayov plods on with his endless and pointless writing, the course of love doesn’t run smooth either for the diligent Sonya or the Prof’s glamorous wife Yelena, or for the vegetarian ecologist Dr Astrov or for Marya’s frustrated son, Vanya. But life goes on at the provincial estate: “Spotty” Telyegin hammers out dance tunes on the untuned piano, the samovar is kept warm and there’s always vodka at hand. No-one actually gets killed – though it’s a near thing. And Yefim, the ragged watchman from who knows where, looks on at their antics and sings a song.


Dear members and friends of the LP family:

We have news concerning our beloved Estrela Hall, the permanent home of the Lisbon Players since its foundation in 1947. 

It has become clear in the last few weeks that The Lisbon Players can no longer perform at Estrela Hall from January 2020. Consequently, the last time the curtains will rise on an LP production at Estrela Hall will be in December 2019. We are in active negotiations with the Câmara Municipal de Lisboa (CML), who have expressed their willingness to help us find new places for our work.

At the moment, we are seeking out and considering new locations that could be viable or made viable for our purposes. The CML has already indicated a few preliminary options which we are in the process of scouting, and we are very hopeful that we will be able to provide you with news of a definitive new location that will, after due work, and in a few years, be ready to become a NEW ESTRELA HALL, ready to fling open its doors for a fulfilling night of theatre. 

But in the meantime, we are fully committed to doing what we do best – bringing you performances in the English language that delight, provoke and stay with you. In the near future, before moving into a new permanent abode, we will be putting on shows in different formats at various venues around the city, giving us a splendid opportunity to expand our repertoire in both variety and genre, continuing the LP story on multiple stages before both new audiences and old friends. 

The Lisbon Players has weathered many challenges in the past seven decades and it has triumphantly remained the longest continuously running theatre company in the city and the second oldest in the country. This is a tribute to the never die attitude and the selfless generosity of its volunteers, members and friends that has been an enduring characteristic of the Lisbon Players spirit. We owe it to them and to you to keep moving, growing and reinventing ourselves and, though we may wander into uncertain times, rest assured the curtain will rise year after year and season after season on Lisbon Players shows. 

We are currently planning the 2020 season and will keep you updated on it when we have finalised the dates and the venues for the shows.

In the coming years, even after we have identified a suitable new location, there will be work and resources needed to make it a functioning theatre. But we are confident that with your continuing support and affection we will successfully make it home.

The path is laid, the will is unquestioned, and the show will go on ALWAYS! 

The new structure for the 2019/20 committee, elected at the AGM, is as follows:

Celia Williams
Colin Lee-Warden
David Personne
Jamie Darke
Paula Lobo Antunes
Peter Dawson
Stephen Bull
Suresh Nampuri
Tom Connell
Valerie Braddell
Vicky Shearn

Please do not hesitate to contact us.